Catching up

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Tue 20 Sep 2011 17:06
36:35.7N 04:30.8W
Sorry about the glitch.   I put an “impossible” position in the last blog email, and the server rejected it 3 times.  It was only when I contacted “mailasail” that the problem could be identified and resovled.
In between times, we have called in to Marbella, and are now in Torremolinos.  What can I say?  Amazing places, but it seems to us that 80% of the population is British and enjoying life on some sort of pension.  The restaurants all advertise “English” meals e.g. fish and chips, and frankly it is not our scene.  A walk round Marbella at 7 pm on a Saturday evg was unremarkable, and we set off the following day.
We set off the next day for Terromolinos.  Had a wonderful day yesterday, visiting the butterfly park.  Very instructive (butterflies only live 4 to 14 days), and managed to get some great photos:
(Butterfly attached to Lesley’s trousers)
Definitely a great day.
We spent today in Malaga – the buses here are something else.  They cost about £1.20 for an hours journey to wherever, are always full, and give the most amazing insight into the local population.  Lots and lots of Brits, some Irish, some Welsh, and the occasional Spaniard.  It’s worth travelling on them to see the local population.  Also much damage to the local economy:  empty shops/bars  innumerable flats for sale, and many a retailer going out of business.
Some photos of Malaga for interest:
Spanish ladies dancing in the square.
Amazing buildings: (an old palace)
Off tomorrow to an anchorage, so maybe no blog entry – bear with me.