Sunday 16th - to Hervey Bay

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Sun 16 Sep 2018 16:00
25 17.002S
152 51.433E

Before leaving Rockhampton we stopped at the old wharf by the river and had a coffee while admiring the old buildings, especially the Custom House, completed in 1901 by British stonemasons. Fiona was on WhatsApp to Lyanna, nephew Graham’s wife, in Ninewells Hospital at the tail-end of a difficult pregnancy.

Midwife advisory duties completed we carried on down the road, passing through the appropriately named Gin Gin and on to Hervey (pronounced ‘Harvey’ for some obscure reason) Bay for some whale watching. We checked in to the Scarness Beachfront Tourist Park and parked the van.

As we were contemplating what to do for dinner Fi got the news that baby Sofia Isobel Winter had arrived and I can tell you that a few wee tears were shed. We toasted the baby’s arrival and went out in search of dinner. Fortunately, there was an Indian takeaway across the road so we ordered a chicken Karahi and mixed starters and brought it back to the van - it was one of the best Indians ever!

Rockhampton Custom House

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Gin Gin

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