Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Sun 12 Jun 2011 11:17
50:09.89N 5:05.09W
Sunday Morning
Apologies all for being slack in updating the blog. It's a very wet and windy day here in Falmouth on Sunday morning  so time to catch up with the indoor jobs.  Here's Graham's take on the last couple of days sail into Falmouth.  We had an excellent sail most of the time.  The first night was pretty horrible but it improved after that as we got used to being without sleep.  We averaged about 6.3 knots on the trip which was pretty good going..anyway, here's Graham's story with some pics to follow.
Well folks, Here we are on watch at 22:00 hrs Thursday night .... the kids are off to bed and the men - John and I are.. on the night shift - through the witching hour till 02:00 hrs Friday ... The moon shone strong for us on the starboard side ....and ahead of us several patches of potential squall ... we laughed in the face of such adversity ... sufficiently to scare the offending weather onto the next shift ... and we enjoyed fantastic  sailing conditions ... a fair swell, but also fairly constant winds around the 20 - 25 kn with the odd gust just to keep us on our toes... >From the moment we took over, we experienced the company of numerous dolphins ... photos courtesy of JF ... and in the subsequent  darkness of the midnight hour, we saw these fantastic luminescent trails of the dolphins caused by the phosphoresence in the water ... much like the Dementors from the Harry Potter movies... stunning if you have never seen these  before.. The dolphins finally departed and we sailed on till watch change with the weather building and us being thankful that the weather held ... the Gods obviously looking after the righteous !!! We had  a few interesting moments of night identification of approaching and passing vessels ... lights green over white ... now what was that again ??? // oh aye  some kind of fishing vessel ... obviously .... we gave it the right treatment .... avoidance with little ado ... and sailed on ... we were at one with the elements,  and the world at large .....
The lads Iain and Max came on at 02:00 hrs and the skipper stayed up to give them a hand - Sail changes and stuff ... I went off to my bunk and slept the sleep of the contented ( or damned ! ) .. hey ho another day done .
For me Friday was another fine day - back on watch at 06:00 hrs and the weather pretty average to say the least ... big swell from the back end ( aft - behind - the West )  .. we worked the watch till 10:00 hrs and then  stayed up for a fair while ...before packing in and awaiting the brunch that Max would prepare ... usual fantastic fare of bacon, sausages, ( nae eggs !! ) (aye really - nae eggs !!!! ) and toast ....( nae eggs !! ) michty - we had tae gie him a brain test  ( Dive ye ken fit's an egg,  min ?? ) ... He wis a'recht tho' ... jist a wee bitty dottled wi' a' that fresh air ....   ... After some sleep I awoke to an amazing change of weather - strong sunshine and warmth... the boat wassailing Easterly along the South coast with a  strong Westerly wind and the guys had set Wild Carol up gull winged ( I would call it ) and we were winging along great...
Time to get some rays as we sliced through the waves ...and I got to drive all the way into Falmouth which was great ... sail down and up the channel to the marina - where the Master and Commander took over - which was just as well as we kind of skittered over the mud to reach our berth .....Well that's all from me for now ...
Night Watch
Navy Search and Rescue Practice off Land's End - they buzzed us several times
Max and the Longships Lighthouse off Lands End
No, not dog poo! He's trying to get more grip on his boots
Longships again
The  MV Galatea - Trinity House buoy maintenance ship - replacing buoy off Penzance
Finally, the sun!
Max at the helm in his buffalo wrestling pose as we head east past The Lizard
Falmouth at last!