Eve of Departure from Falmouth

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Mon 13 Jun 2011 22:35
50:09.89N 5:05.09W
Well, this is it - final preparations for departure tomorrow.  It looks like we have a weather window of a couple of days to get away and get some miles to the south before the next depression comes through bringing with it gales and rain further north.  Alex arrived at 6pm and he and Max are in Sainsbury's as I write this.  They are making up the menu as they wander the aisles...Back on the boat we've finished re-stowing all the gear, filled up with diesel, taken a few extra jerry cans and filled up the water.  Iain is busy hoovering under the floor boards as I type (his mother would be proud of him, not to say astonished!!) with Graham supervising and offering helpful tips. Our plan is to get up at 6 tomorrow, head out into Carrick Roads and do some safety exercises and sail rigging practice before heading out into the open sea.  Our route will be to get as far to the west as we can, avoiding the busy shipping lanes off Ushant and then head south across Biscay. For the time being we hope to do a non-stop run to the Algarve which should take 6-7 days but I'm keeping an open mind about a possible stop in northern Spain at either La Coruna or Bayona, near Vigo.  If the sat phone link works we should be able to post at least daily position updates and maybe the odd photo.  There's a few of our day today below.  The highlight of the day was a visit to the Falmouth Coastguard MRCC at Pendennis Point which Max had managed to arrange due to a previous business connection with the now retired head of the Coastguard in the south-west.  It was well worth while to see first-hand how they work.  I can't believe the government is considering closing a lot of these centres. 
That's all from me - here are the photos.
Did you realise you had such a large nut in your engine?!
Stowing the sails
MRCC Visit
More stowing! - Identify the rear!
Still fixing things!
Nearly ready!
Loading the provisions