Position Update

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Thu 16 Jun 2011 10:56
47:50.27N 5:28.7W
Noon, 16th June
Our decision to run for harbour in France looks to be the right one.  Just wish we'd decided to go there in the first place as we could have been quaffing cheap red wine with camembert to pass the time instead of getting tossed around 24 hours a day! At the moment we are running downwind under jib only at nearly 7 knots pushed by a constant 20 knot wind from the west.  Big seas.  Very rolly conditions.  Max managed to stop the plates and pots and pans constantly rattling by stuffing any spare bits of material in to fill the spaces.  Would be horrible to bash into which is what we'd be doing if we'd kept going.  Looks like we might get an opportunity Sat/Sun to try again.  In the meantime we are 50 miles off the French coast and should be in harbour by this evening where the aforementioned cheese and wine no doubt awaits us (as well as much needed showers!).
The boys have been taking some pictures this morning.  Will post a few up after we get in.