Tuesday 21st - Friday 24th - in Cairns

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Fri 24 Aug 2018 15:00
We spent the four days in Cairns catching up with stuff, doing the washing etc. We walked a lot. On Tuesday we walked back out to ‘camper van street’ near the airport and collected our ‘new’ transport/accommodation for the next 5 weeks. Our hearts sank as we entered the office. This was not a Britz operation. Our van was driven out for the handover. It is a long wheelbase Toyota Hiace conversion, at least seven years old, maybe more, with 375,000 km on the clock. To be fair, it didn’t have that many scrapes and scratches considering the mileage. We drove off and immediately clipped the kerb with the back wheel! Note to self - ‘adjust driving technique’. It seemed to float rather than roll along the road, the suspension is so soft. With a 2.7 litre petrol engine and 3-speed auto gearbox our FuelMapAustralia app will come into its own!

Over the week we loaded up the van with the erstwhile contents of the Landcruiser, ruthlessly throwing out stuff we hadn’t used (and wouldn’t likely). We managed to get from 5 to 3 plastic boxes, dropping surplus stuff at the Britz recycling point (I’m sure the Britz staff siphon off the best stuff!)

We found that the van was actually surprisingly spacious, with a full width bed when made up and space for our two big ‘spare’ bags upstairs. Much more spacious than our VW at home..

We got to know our way around Cairns over the four days, walking along the esplanade each afternoon after our daily chores. We ate in the Chinese night market one night, pizza the next. There are a lot of Chinese in Cairns.

Finally, on Friday, it was time to leave the apartment and we carried the last of our stuff to the van and locked up. We headed back to Britz to drop of more ‘recyclables’ then across to Camperman for some maintenance - a piece of the dash had come off whilst plugging in the 12v charger!

A quick trip to Woolies to top up our supplies and we were off, a long trip - 29 km up the windy road to Kuranda in the Rainforest, account of our stay there to follow.

Our new accommodation at our first campsite in Kuranda

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Complete with electric kettle and microwave!

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Helicopter ops outside Cairns hospital.

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The fruit market in Cairns

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