Towards La Coruna

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Tue 21 Jun 2011 10:55
44:09.58N 6:01.67W
Noon 21st June 2011
We're back on engine again but we had a good sail nearly all night with the wind being kind to us and nearly allowing us to make our course direct to La Coruna. The skipper slept most of the night and is in better fettle now. Current position is about 35 miles off the north coast of Spain with 120 miles to go.  Should be there tomorrow morning just in time for Alex to catch a flight back to London.  We'll probably stay in La Coruna tomorrow night then get going again on Thursday morning.  We've done a bit of boat maintenance this morning, John cracked his head on the boom again just as the last scar was healing and Iain and Max have got the fishing gear rigged up.  Alex cooked a fine breakfast just as he went off watch and we've just topped that up with some fortifying porridge to see us through the day.  The temperature has risen considerably - Graham was last seen sun bathing on the side deck! Yes, Fiona - Iain has his sun cream on!
Well, it looks as if it has all been said so just a wee note from GC ... Since leaving Loctudy John has been promising sun at the other side ... hmmm and so we headed dubiously South .. into squalls, wind, some rain and literally ... into deep water... We transferred across the divide from relatively shallow waters - 150 m to  4500m - have not seen the blog but no doubt it there is a scurrilous comment with regard to my new sailing togs .... they are great .. and a bargain ( relatively speaking obviously ) as I got them at internet prices in Falmouth ... Instead of having them used for only a one off experience, they have been on every day in these dodgy conditions... and have done sterling work ... Last night was great sailing on the 20:00 to 24:00 watch ... Alex and I bowled along at 7 + knots in the right direction ... the other watch did not so badly either !! .. On again at 04:00 hrs and watched the dawn approach ... promising a great day ahead .. and so it was ... at change of watch Alex cooked up toast , poached eggs, cheese and ham and a glass of Mango and Orange "Innocent" juice.... what a great start ... Up again at 11:000 hrs  - could not sleep with the racket that Captain Ahab and his motley watch crew - Max and Iain -   fixing a loose rudder stock and trying to start the engine from a new tank ...Anyway - the last I saw of the Max and Iain Watch was them busy trying ( and succeeding ) to make a gaff out of some old wood and a very large ( I mean huge ) fishing hook ... off on watch now so no more meantime ...
OK I know this is getting really boring us blabbing on about dolphins but just as I was about to send this I heard a shout of "dolphins" from on deck.  We've just had the most amazing spectacle of a pod of about a dozen large dolphins swimming with us for 10 minutes in crystal clear deep blue water so you can see them coming...amazing, we love them....
Sunset at Sea
A hearty breakfast
Running Repairs!
At last the sun came out!
For landing that tuna!