Rope Fish, Flying banana's, Attempted hijacks and opening night at Chez Ian's.

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Tue 7 Jun 2011 21:59
55:32.73N 4:40.59W
Aye well, a fine balmy awakening in Troon toon.... Followed shortly by rain, more rain and a wee bit rain later...
We further investigated the "rope fish" we spotted on our underwater camera  last night .... only to discover that the mysterious rope seen the previous eve was either a hallucination ... or it had swam off...
Breakfast was the standard Wild Carol fair - porridge and tea... after which various chores performed - Max doing things aft and John winched aloft dressed like a ripe banana, to fit a radar reflector and check "stuff" out.
We had a stop go sort of day between rain showers and thunder and lightning ... but most chores were completed - and in the afternoon, between showers, we headed for the supermarket. Task completed we awaited a taxi to carry us back to the Marina ... upon finally arriving, John attempted to hijack the vehicle by jumping into the drivers seat, belting up securely and preparing to drive off - much to the surprise of the crew, not to mention the taxi driver. Following muttered apologies and feeble excuses of " I thought I was in Spain " - as if this might explain away the situation ???
Back at the vessel, Iain was delegated cooking duty amid protests of ignorance of any culinary knowledge whatsoever... However, having secured Johns very cheap cuts of Spanish meat, Iain prepared a satisfying repast of tapas followed by a pretty good Stirfry Chicken and Vegetables.... So he will be cooking his fair share for the rest of this voyage.
Forecast for tomorrow is favourable all the way to Falmouth - so the Master and Commander dictates an early start and breakfast on the hoof......