Position Update

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Thu 9 Jun 2011 15:18
52:07.38N 5:41.9W
16:00 9th June
Just a quick position update now as we are in our watch routine.  Everybody quite tired.  Max and Iain sleeping.  Graham is keeping watch and I'm at the chart desk on the computer.  We are between Wales and Ireland off the Pembroke coast.  Had a fast sail all night making over 9 knots a lot of the time.  Motor-sailing again now as wind has come round to SW and we can't make our course.  Strong tide pushing us towards Wales so are only making 4 knots in the direction we want to go even though we are motor-sailing at 6.4 knots.  Started to feel the big Atlantic rollers a couple of hours ago.  It's a beautiful sunny clear day but cold and the motion is wearing.  I think we will all be pretty tired by tomorrow morning.  Will see if we have any pics to post on next blog.  Had hoped to see some dolpins in the Irish Sea but no luck so far.