An apology to all nappy wearing occupants of Falmouth Marina

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Tue 14 Jun 2011 08:10
( The Day of Departure )
After Alex's truimphal arrival yesterday and our perusal of Sainsbury's finest comestibles the big day has finally arrived. But before I start on today's update I will take you back to Alex's arrival with a little more infomation. Alex had mentioned some time ago that he had recently purchased ' The Mother of all Sailing Bags'  He was not kidding. With a storage capacity of about 6,000,000 litres Alex had come prepared. What was exactly taking up all that space ? Well, after dinner Alex announced that he had to put a new battery in his watch. Fair enough we thought. Into his kit bag he dove taking the wise precaution of putting on his harness lest he got lost within its vast interior. Out he came with five, yes five watch batteries, a full set of watchmakers screwdrivers and a watch the size of which I have never seen before. The saloon table was cleared and he set to work in taking his watch apart. Some two and a half hours later the watch was back together and lashed to his wrist.
We all turned in late and I'm sure we all savoured the last night of sleep without being thrown around at all hours of the day and night.  I must confess that sailing does for most of the time seem like being thrown downstairs whilst being tied up inside a lightly padded sleeping bag. Anyway off to bed. At 0600 hrs the unmistakable sound of John's clumpy footsteps heralded in the new day. I lay in my state apartments thinking of what lay ahead. Suddenly there was a sharp knock on my cabin door and in strode John WITH A CUP OF TEA !!!!  He was obviously after something. The steaming mug was thrust into my opened hands and as soon as he arrived, he had gone. Was it a dream ?  No - it was the finest cup of tea yet on this voyage.  There was no going back to sleep; up out of my pit and up for a shower. This is where the explanantion for the title this entry come from.  Read on - I urge you......  The aforementioned clumping of John had also awoken Iain, Graham and eventually Alex. Now that everyone was awake, showers were also on their minds. By the time I had got my stuff together, put on my camera batteries and phone for a last mains charge, all three of them had legged it to the showers. Yes - you're right - all the showers were occupied. Or were they ???   At the end of the corridor was a cubicle marked Baby Changing and WC. I opened the door and saw that there was a large shower cubilcle, a very handy drop down table ( ok - it was the nappy changing table ) plenty of hooks and a window !  The shower was the best ever and I make this public apology to any infants who were inconvenienced by my thoughtless actions. Revived, I met up with Alex and walked back to Wild Carol. As we walked back we discussed menus for the coming days and what was best to use first. We were so deep in thought that we were so very nearly deep in water as I had led Alex up a pontoon that ended in the river and not Wild Carol.  As we eventually boarded Wild Carol the wonderful unmistakable mouth watering smell of bacon was not present. Yes, Graham was doing breakfast and yes, it was not bacon but the finest Oats So Simple, with freshly squeezed Tropicana followed by a wholemeal bread roll and marmalade. It went down well enough and lets hope we don't see it again as we head out into the deep.  Well readers, I must sign off now as final preps are well underway and there is a distinct whiff of adenaline ( well I presume that's what the smell is....) about the saloon. The engine is now running, last bag of rubbish is on its way to the bins courtesy of Iain ( who did, I must say make a fine job of washing down the heads this morning - but not such a fine job of dropping his glove into the drink and making us all leap into action for the boat hook ).  I hope to update you again when comms allow. A group photo taken just 10 mins before our departure is attached below and one of Alex's watch repairs underway.......
The merry band....