Monday 13th August - Towards Karumba

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Mon 13 Aug 2018 10:00
18 39.072S
139 15.196E

We packed up our camp and headed back the way we came, stopping at Gregory Downs to fill up with diesel and sample the coffee and apple and cinnamon muffins at the general store. All were excellent.

We got chatting with a retired couple from Perth who were basically following the same route as us but going all the way round clockwise, aiming to be back in Perth by Christmas. They’d started in May so were taking a much more leisurely pace than us. For example, they were planning on staying at Lawn Hill for five days. They commented how unusual it was for them to meet non-Australians doing this kind of thing and it’s certainly true that we haven’t come across any other Brits making this kind of trip. Quite a few Germans, often with young families, also French, Belgians and the occasional Dutch, but no Poms. Why is that?

Outback coffee shop, Gregory Downs

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