Tuesday 31st July - Bungle Bungles

Wild Carol does Australia
John and Fiona Fraser
Tue 31 Jul 2018 15:00
17 29.366S
128 22.576E

Another early start! As we are packing up the biggest cockroach either of us had ever seen scurried out from under the groundsheet. As quick as you like a kookaburra flew down from the tree and landed very near us totally unafraid. He looked at us as if asking for permission then as quick as you could blink the cockroach was in his long beak. Back up to the tree for a tasty breakfast.

We drove to the Piccaninny Creek car park to do a different walk, along the dried up creek-bed this time. In the wet it is a raging torrent. We walked as far as the ‘Window’ then returned to the car mid-morning, already very hot, bus tours just arriving. The morning light showed us a different view of this remarkable landscape. Off along the dirt road again for 50 K’s, blow up the tyres then on the good road again back to Kununurra. Stopped at the car wash to give our trusty Landcruiser a much needed bath, checked in at the Kimberley Croc motel, then off to the bottle shop, open this time. Funny that these bottle shops seem to be staffed by Brits! - this time he was a Geordie, the one in Broome was Glaswegian. As he said, they need people that know about drink!

The campsite at Walardi - 5:30am

Our hungry kookaburra 

Yes, there were a few flies about...

The ‘Window’