Then along they come like buses.

Rob & Sarah Bell
Fri 23 May 2014 15:25

Wednesday & Thursday – 22nd & 23rd May


Well you cannot move for ships loading yachts onto their decks pretty much around the clock here (Three here yesterday) but of course ours is still steaming at 15 knots and is a good 24 hours away.


But there is light at the end of the tunnel now and the mood has lightened. We went out for dinner with Sean on Wednesday and this started with drinks on board Flight and then a meal at ‘Tickles’ which is the bar restaurant in Crown Bay.  Sean is fascinating company with a wealth of stories and anecdotes and it was midnight when the very enthusiastic but weary staff closed the restaurant around us, packing us off home.


So round two took place on Thursday evening on board Serafina, where Sean and one of his delivery crew (Josh) joined us for drinks and a meal. Much the same outcome and we have no idea where the time went.


We have now just been told that we are due to load at 1600 hours on Saturday which is great, but listening to Sean, it is clear that we should not expect this to be anything more than a very rough guide!  But at least it gives us a target to be ready for and so the next 24 hours will be a bit more focused, it not slightly manic.


Still dare not book flights until Serafina is securely strapped down, but it could be Sunday that we get to set off home.  Happy happy days.