Rain, Rain Go Away

Rob & Sarah Bell
Sat 12 Oct 2013 21:43

9th Oct – 12th Oct


Well as you might have guessed it has been raining here still and it seems quite impossible for so much rain to have fallen without huge floods resulting.


So we have barely left the cabin in days as it is so miserable out there. Sarah has used the time wisely to plan our road trip down to South Carolina taking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (yes, you have to sing it a la Laurel & Hardy) and the Shenandoah Valley and thanks to a link we have been given that gives us a UK route into the US car rental website, we have managed to hire a brand new Ford Escape for next to nothing and it includes a free tank of fuel!


Today we are being treated to the big band sound plus microphone introduction of each and every new student (it seems) at the college merely yards across the water from us, whose Homecoming ceremony is taking place in the downpour, poor things.  But it takes more than this to subdue a good parade and a dedicated marching band.


So we are off on Sunday morning on the first leg of this trip and just hope that the Government shutdown that is in place at the moment over here is called off as it has meant that a good many of the attractions (all of the Government ones) are shut. We have been told though that the Blue Ridge Pathway road is open (but all other facilities are shut, so we may find out for ourselves if bears s**t in the woods….) so fingers crossed.


Various friends have been in touch via email and it looks like we will be having quite a send-off from the USA when we go to an OCC dinner at Mathews Yacht Club on 24th Oct. It will be great to see so many of the friends we have made here in the States and we are going to be very sorry to leave. Strangely a lot of them have been working hard on reasons for us to return again next year whereas we would have thought that they might be glad to see the back of us by now!