Where do the days go?

Rob & Sarah Bell
Sat 3 Oct 2009 17:16
Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd October

Friday morning I went into Marmaris town with a long list of things to see
and buy etc. The plan was to take the free ferry in the morning but we had
failed to notice that the boat had been craned out for repairs! So I took
the dolmus and spent several hours roaming the streets largely without much
success. The Turks generally plan their towns so shops are grouped by
general product type. So for example all the chandlery shops (and there are
loads) are grouped together which is very handy. The downside is that they
all seem to be pretty empty and run down and rarely have what you are
looking for.

Got back to Serafina having left Sarah taking full advantage of the absence
of a boat alongside us to wash and polish the rest of the hull, only to find
her sat in the cockpit drinking wine with David and Jill from Souris Rose
who had just arrived and anchored in the bay. Busy afternoon and then in the
evening D & J came ashore again and we went for an excellent meal in the
marina's restaurant.

Saturday dawned with a bit of a stronger breeze than of late and at 6.00am
we had to get up and sort out our mooring as with no boat alongside us, we
were slewing diagonally and trying to bump the quay. Now we were up, we
opted to stay up and get on with things and so achieved quite a bit before
we had to break off as we had an invitation for coffee on Paddy's boat 'Don
Quijote' at 10.30am. No sooner got back to Serafina than we had a flying
visit from D & J who were ashore to negotiate a deal for a month's mooring.
And so the day went on....

We are glad now that we chose to come in early, mainly to chase the jobs
along, but also to start our own layup process as we have found this place
to be very social, with crews arriving here from all over the world and
everyone happy to share time and information. This means that as you try to
work on deck there is always someone passing by who will pause to admire the
boat or chat about something or other. All great fun, but very unproductive
in terms of getting things done.

Will just share a lovely line we heard today: People who design things to be
foolproof always seriously underestimate the ingenuity of stupid people.