Normal service resumed......

Rob & Sarah Bell
Sat 6 Sep 2008 06:25

39:27.14N 20:16.45E


Saturday 6th September


The boy's flight was delayed around 45 minutes and they had arrived home to torrential rain.


Sarah spent this morning cleaning the inside of the boat to bring it back to her usual high standards whilst I did some work and then we left just after midday heading for Plataria on the mainland of Greece.


We had planned for a gentle sail but again there was not a breath of wind so we motored gently southwards and entered the large bay that leads to the town of Plataria. Neither of us had ever been here before and on arrival it was apparent that it was a new little harbour altogether. Furthermore it was the location that the flotilla company 'Sailing Holidays' use for turning round some of their fleets and to cap it all, we had chosen the night that three of their flotillas were finishing their holidays! So it was pretty packed and not unlike being in a marina in the UK as we surrounded by English speaking crews. Lots of compliments for Serafina from various people as she did stand out a bit here.


Very peaceful and quiet night which was a bit of a surprise given that all the crews would have been partying at the end of their hols.