Jo's last day

Rob & Sarah Bell
Mon 29 Sep 2008 20:20

39:11.85N 20:11.17E


Monday 29th September


Another morning in paradise......


Sailed down to one of the beautiful bays in Anti Paxos where we anchored, swam and had lunch. Only three other boats anchored with us which made it very peaceful and whilst I was swimming I got to chat with a couple from New Zealand on one of them who got my full attention after they said how beautiful Serafina looked.


Eventually, had to leave and return to Gaios where we got a brilliant spot opposite the square with the best (of a very poor) Wi-Fi signal.


Sadly it was finally time for Jo to leave and so we all set off on the long walk round to the ferry terminal. The walk was interrupted after only 100 yards when we stopped to make way for a small builder's van, who having seen Jo's heavy bag, stopped and offered us all a lift. Jo sat up front whilst Sarah and I crouched in the back with some rocks and masonry tools!


Jo left safely on the hydrofoil headed for Corfu and we returned to the boat where we had quiet evening but were thrilled to get the news that Pan (who had flown to Athens for some tests on his recovery from lung cancer) had been given a clean bill of health.


Both of us were very sorry to see Jo go as it had been great fun having her on board and there was the added bonus that it had distracted Sarah (and me) from getting worked up about the lay up too early!