Rob & Sarah Bell
Sat 13 Jun 2009 10:43
38:21.2N 26:18.7E

11th June

Wind got up in the night and along with banging halyards (French boat two up
from us!!) creaking ropes and the ubiquitous minarets we had a fairly
disturbed night.

Some debate along the pontoon about the incoming weather as we are now
expecting force 8 gales on Saturday/Sunday/Monday and today is forecast to
blow 25 knots at least from the north again and already it was up to 20
knots. Boats heading south were fine and one or two set off, but those
wanting to go north stayed put. To get to Dalyankoy we needed to head north
and we decided that we would give it a go as we could always run back if
things turned bad.

In the event we had a fantastic sail, beating across to Khios island and
then back to the Turkish coast, round the rocks and reefs north of the
headland and then an easy run down to the entrance to the harbour at
Dalyankoy which is hard to spot until you are very close. Deceptive place as
the harbour is actually quite large but has a very narrow entrance and small
initial basin, but fortunately we had been tipped off about this and pressed
on despite the acute lack of depth under our keel, creeping past moored
boats along what seemed like a narrow river. Very helpful chap, who turned
out to be the moorings manager hailed us and helped us into a gap and we
settled down to lunch followed by a stroll into the town and a swim off the

Loads of smart restaurants along the waterfront, but little else and sadly
there are absolutely no customers to be seen anywhere at all.

Chose to eat on board as the restaurant prices here were astronomical and
had a very pleasant evening watching the sun set behind the nearby minaret.

New photos at http://www.rhbell.com