Almost ready

Rob & Sarah Bell
Mon 3 May 2010 17:25
Sunday and Monday 2nd and 3rd May

Had a major sort out in the forepeak and managed to create some more locker space as a result. Found that we had rather more life jackets now than we realised or needed so Sarah put two up for sale on the Monday morning radio net and a buyer appeared at the back of the boat immediately which was very handy.

Sunday evening we were supposed to be going out into Marmaris for a meal with Chris and Steve from Scott Free, but their hire car share scheme ended prematurely so we ended up going to the marina restaurant and had an excellent meal again.

We have been talking for a year or so now about lining the anchor locker with something to protect the gel coat from the chain as it is brought in and having found the perfect material here, Sarah set about this task on Monday afternoon with excellent results, despite her horror of small enclosed spaces.

The days are getting very much hotter now and there is no doubt that summer has arrived. A lot of boats still being launched all through the day and half the night with both hoists still hard at it around 11.30pm every day. There are quite a number of the boats that going on the East Med Rally with us here getting ready and it is nice to be able to get to know some of the crews before we get to join the main body of the rally at Gocek on 12th May. Remarkably several of the boats due to join the rally on the 12th are still on the hard with no sign of the owners yet, which means they are going to have to go some to be ready.

Trevor and Lesley fly out tonight and are due to arrive here in Marmaris around 5.00am tomorrow, fortunately they have their own yacht here and so we will not be getting an early morning alarm call ? or at least we hope not.