Around the Atlantic: ✔ Next stop: Circumnavigation
Ron Noordhoek
Mon 7 Feb 2022 15:21

At 8:45 am we reached the entrance of port Bridgetown. We were directed to dock close to Nieuw Statendam, a huge cruisehip from the Holland America line that we saw getting into port an hour before we did.

There we had to wait for the doctor. He would come over to the boat some time thins morning to check us and to decide whether or not we had to take a Covid test.

While waiting we did some jobs on the boat and took off the mainsail that had to be repaired. We also checked the flights for the trip home again.

Some time later the doctor arrived and went through all the paperwork. He cleared us all but Ian Alex and I had to take an antigen test anyway. We all needed one to fly home. After clearance John and Nicole had to go to customs to check us in and we’re allowed to get off the boat.


Alex and I would fly our together to London Heathrow from where I could get an connection to Amsterdam. I could have traveled via Trinidad, but the Covid paperwork I had to go through was too massive. Our plane was scheduled for 9.05 pm and since we had to be at the airport 3 hrs. before, we disembarked in Bridgetown. Ian’s flight would leave next morning so when all the paperwork was done, passports stamped and fees paid. John Nicole and Ian left for port St Charles and Alex and I went into town to have lunch and a drink.


It took some time but all went well and after we checked in, boarded the plane and got into our seats, it didn’t take long to fell asleep 😊