July 13th, Velas, Sao Jorge, Azores

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Ron Noordhoek
Fri 13 Jul 2012 10:05

Today we sailed to Velas on Sao Jorge, a trip of 35 Nm. For some reason I woke up later than usual and the weather wasn't that nice. However when we left Horta at around 10:30 the sun was out again and we had a nice breeze. After an hour or so the wind dropped and when we were down to 2 kts we had to start the engine. Not for long though, an hour later the wind picked up again :-)

By the time we got to Sao Jorge the weather had changed again. Dark thick clouds and visibility had dropped so much that we couldn't see the Island. Only when we came as close as 2 Nm from the rocks we could see the Island.

Velas has a very small marina with evenly small berths. The harbor master was very friendly and very helpful but the birth he showed me was not wide enough.. We tried but we just didn't fit.... Anyway we ended up alongside a 55 ft Swan :-) In all the people over here are very friendly indeed and it's a real pleasure to visit these Islands. All the islands are different and very beautiful.

Anyway, after I had checked in the clouds were mostly gone and the sun was shining again.
We walked around a bit and when I got back to the boat, Rutger and Eline went over to the supermarket to get the onions we forgot yesterday. They came back all excited... and called me to come on deck. It was amazing, a rainbow so close that the boat seemed just under it... If the weather is good tomorrow, we plan to do the most famous hike on the Island. Then on Sunday we'll leave for Terceira.




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