change in plans … on our way to Brest

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Ron Noordhoek
Fri 31 Jul 2020 12:40

50:45.502N, 001:32.102W


During our stay in Lymington the plan changed.


It was inevitable that the Covid situation would affect the scheduling of the ARC and it did. It was still on but with a number of restrictions, so Marc and Clare decided to postpone their entry to next year and sail over to Brest for now.
Marc and Clare would then spend their holidays with the kids sailing down the French coast to La Rochelle There Rutger and I would rejoin Marc to sail down to Porto, where Rutger would disembark, and then on to Lagos, where Marc and Clare planned to leave the boat for the winter.


Before leaving the UK we had a stopover in Portland to fuel up. Diesel prices vary a lot among the marina’s! Next morning, August 1st at around 08:00 hr. we left Portland.