Around the Atlantic: ✔ Next stop: Circumnavigation
Ron Noordhoek
Wed 19 Oct 2011 14:46

We arrived at Lagos next day afternoon The plan was to stay there for a couple of nights. When I checked in at the marina, I asked if they would know someone to look at my furling system. They gave me the number of Antonio. He was in fact working on a boat on the next pontoon and came over to have a look. He went up the mast and when he came down again, it was fixed. He told me to use the uphaul as a genoa halyard because of the better angle and that was it.

When we were moored, our neighbours told us there was a big storm forecasted with massive rain for coming Sunday. A very deep low at the Azores was heading due East, which is a bit out of the ordinary. They’re supposed to go North-East. Anyway, I downloaded the gribfiles at Ugrib and Zygrib and they were consistent with the forecast. So we decided not to stay in Lagos but leave the next day. That would give us time enough to go South and West to Madeira and avoid this bad weather. So unfortunately we won’t get to see much of Lagos … It looks like a very nice place. Anyway we had a very nice dinner in the old center. It was Monique’s last night. She’s flying home from Faro.