14°27.664N/35°55.519W, half way

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Ron Noordhoek
Sun 27 Nov 2011 21:08

14:27.664N 35:55.519W


If the wind stays like this we’ll be half way by dinner tonight! By then we´ll be 8 full days at sea. That would be about as fast as when Marc did the crossing 5 years ago. Since last night we were following a yacht. That was really nice, we could steer at his stern light :-). Early this morning we overtook her Mala came from the Cape Verdies and was heading for Barbados. We talked a while over the vhf. She wasn’t going that fast, sailing only her mainsail but they found it more comfortable that way.

Anyway, we set the other gennoa to goose wing with the first gennoa. With the full mainsail too, she sails more steady and with good speed. We actually have more sail now then with the spinnaker but this is more robust and easier to trim. I’m glad I have rigged all these lines and sheets so we can fly whatever sail combination we want.

Yesterday we finally caught two dolphin fish. After losing the fish several times, two stayed on the hook. Rutger professionally killed them and put them in the fridge. It was my turn to cook. Because we usually eat in the dark I thought it better to filet them right away otherwise it would have been a spitty meal losing all the bones. Marc wasn’t that excited at first about eating the fish but when it came to it he really liked it, as we all did by the way. I cooked it with onions, spring onions, garlic and mushrooms, served with rice and a fresh cucumber/tomato salad; it was a great meal! Tonight Marc’s gonna cook To celebrate the half way milestone he’ll make hutspot. Oh well, with the champagne, I got for the occasion, it’ll be another great meal!


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