Around the Atlantic: ✔ Next stop: Circumnavigation
Ron Noordhoek
Wed 28 Sep 2011 13:57

Calls were made and the Sussex Yacht club in Shoreham could help us out. Going into Shoreham needs a perfect timing though. At low tide the Yacht Club dries out completely. The guys at the Yacht Club were very helpful and were able to fix it overnight. It turned out that the seal of the seacock fitting was leaking because the seacock itself was actually too small for the hole. They put in a new seacock that did fit. However this was a brass one instead of bronze. I had no choice so I went ahead.

We left Shoreham and headed back to Brighton to pick up the alternator that was refurbished. After installing the alternator we were all set and ready to go again. We left Brighton around 5pm Wednesday September 28th and started off with the gennaker. After a while though the wind dropped and we got down to 1.8 kt speed. We started the engine to keep some speed. The night was clear and full of stars. The winds stayed very light so we kept on motorsailing into the second night. For a few hours we had some really thick fog. So again I was very pleased with the sea-me and the AIS. Friday the wind picked up a bit and we killed the engine no doing 8.5 kts over ground ! The wind is supposed to become easterly. That would be great for a direct leg to La Coruña. If that would really happen, we’d make the whole trip from Brighton to La Coruña in one single tack !!

A few times we were visited by dolphins and at one time even a whale. We also had picked up a tiny bird around Brest I guess. Sadly it didn’t make it all the way.