Around the Atlantic: ✔ Next stop: Circumnavigation
Ron Noordhoek
Sat 29 Aug 2020 12:46


41:11.158N  008:42.276W

August, 29th we arived in Leixous. Here Rutger would disembark and fly home. Marc found an electrician that was willing to check the alternator. The people in the marina were very helpfull. However, they couldn't fix the alternator. The rotor was broken and it would take days to get a spare part IF it was available. We decided to leave it and try to have it fixed in Lagos. We didn't want to stay there too long. Leixous isn't the most prettyplace.

Marc and I took an Uber to Porto and we had a great day, took a boat trip up and down the river Duro and drank some Port of course.

After a nice dinner at a riverside, we Ubered back to Leixous.

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