Lagos, final destination for the winter

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Ron Noordhoek
Mon 7 Sep 2020 13:05

37:06.6805N, 8:40.5456W


September 7th we reached our final destination for the winter. It had been a nice trip. We enjoyed visiting the places.
The winds were very light so we had to motor quite a bit. Except for the very last part, sailing into the Baía de Lagos. The wind picked up and I was steering :-)


In Lagos we had the autopilot fixed. The alternator turned out to be beyond repair. Marc would get a new one at home which I would bring next time I'd come over.


Clare came over to join us a couple of days later and we spend some nice time in Lagos.

It's the best place to leave your boat for the winter. Nice climate, nice place and a nice sheltered marina with a pool :-)

While Marc and Clare were working from time to time, I did all kinds of jobs on the boat, including a lot of cleaning and polishing :-)


October 8th I flew back home, to celebrate to birthday and to get a new hip.... :-/