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Ron Noordhoek
Sat 22 Jan 2022 14:43
16:52.307N 25:13.494W Saturday January 22

I went to the airport this morning at 8 am to pick up my bag…. it wasn’t there:-(
I called the office, but the lost and found department turned out to be closed for the weekend ….
No one could help me… then I got a call from the office in holland. They happily informed me that my bag was found. It was in Amsterdam.. pff.
Anyway, at least I knew where it was and I could not expect it to be delivered to me anymore.
So we decided to leave right away. I can lend some clothing from John and Alex. I’ll be fine. I’ll miss my iPad with all my books on it and my camera. But it is what is is.

We left at around 11:30 and a few hrs later we’re doing 7 kts, flying the code 0 and the genoa. Heading for Barbados. At this speed it’ll take us around 11 days.

We’re all fine and very happy to leave. Nicole just made us a great lunch and now I’ll take a nap