Grenada, True Blue Marina

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Ron Noordhoek
Wed 14 Dec 2011 21:19

Englishman’s is listed as the 6th most spectacular anchorages and… it is! We didn’t visit the first 5 yet but I believe whoever made up the list. It’s a bay at the edge of the rainforest with only one hut where you can eat roti and that’s it. The beach is gorgeous and unspoiled, a river from the forest flows into the sea and you can see how the fresh water mixes with the salt water…
We stayed the night and most of the next day, snorkeling and eating roti. At the end of the day Jur, Elisabeth and her brother Stephaan joined us for a goodbye drink. The had rented a car and drove over the bay.
After they left we set sail for Grenada. It was about 80nm and we figured it would take us about 14 hours. We had to get in early next morning.
Marc and Clare had thought it might be nice idea to give Rutger his paddy open water diving for his birthday 
🙂 Actually Clare already had called them and made the booking. Rutger was very excited when they told him!! However, that also meant he had to study. The course includes a theory exam that he had to take the next day. Clare had brought the book with her so Rutger spent all his time reading.
The sail to Grenada was great. With 15 kts of wind we actually had to slow the boat down, otherwise we would have gotten in at 4 am.

We arrived at around 6:30.and found a berth in True Blue Marina, next to the diving center. I thought I’d join Rutger and luckily for me, we could take the exam on Saturday so after clearing immigration and customs, I also had some time to study.

The first part of the course was in the pool and went really great. Today, before the real thing, we took our exams. Rutger of course beat me in the score, but we both passed. The dives went great too so tomorrow we’ll have a fun dive in a marine park and Marc, Clare and Kitty will join us.
The next day we have some work to do at the boat. The deck light didn’t survive the crossing so we’ll have to replace that. Also I got a new windlass which has to be installed and a new outboard. The ride to customs and immigration was indeed the last ride of the old one and I was lucky to get a tow from s real nice guy from another yacht in the bay.
We had dinner at True Blue Bay. Marc made the reservation but had already had a beer or two and obviously had trouble pronouncing his name, looking at the card they made for us.
Next morning at 09:30 we all went for a dive, two actually, at Shark reef and Glovers reef. At the end of both dives, Rutger and I had to do a few tests, like taking off your mask, put it back on again and clear it. That wasn’t too hard.
The dives were amazing, especially for Rutger and me. It was our first real dive.
We saw a lot of fish, including a couple of nurse sharks, a stingray, turtles, moraines and lots of others. Also the corals were very beautiful. We went down to about 16 meters, too deep for my camera unfortunately.
After we came back Rutger and I filled in our new diving logbook, so now we’re officially open water qualified divers!
The afternoon we chilled at the pool or dodgy dock, the bar at the waterfront. Tomorrow we’ll go back to budget marine to get the windlass and change the deck light.
Also we’ll do some shopping tomorrow and get some provisioning supplies for the coming days. The plan is then to leave for Carriacou on Tuesday and go for Union Island the day after. That means going back to customs and immigration again since Union Island belongs to St Vincent.
From there we’ll go to the Grenadines and Tobago Keys, celebrating Xmas and Rutger’s birthday at Mustique