Position 46:19.742N 16:15.206W

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Ron Noordhoek
Mon 30 Jul 2012 10:23

Today we celebrated half way :-) It took us a week but that's because we couldn’t sail in a straight line. According to the latest gribfiles we'll have Westerlies from now on and at least 15 kts. Tomorrow even 35 kts so the next half should be considerably faster.

We had champagne and for lunch Jantine backed scones, very nice indeed!

The day before when I was asleep in the cockpit she polished my toe nails....  Of course no one did nothing to prevent this molest and they all had a good laugh when I woke up.

Anyway, for the rest we're doing fine and the weather is real nice too. So far it's been sunny all days and now we have the Westerlies, the wind is not as cold as before. Meaning we’re still in shorts and T-shirt, as it should be. During the night however, it's kind of cool, and we have to gear up properly to stay warm.

We're sailing full speed with double gennoa's, a full main and directly pointing at Scheveningen. Doing over 7 kts on average it's only another 120 hrs. to Scheveningen. Tomorrow we might have a rougher day though. A depression SE of England is forecasted to give us a fresh breeze. However, the direction is perfect and it might even increase our speed.




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