St. Barth

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Ron Noordhoek
Wed 30 May 2012 09:38

We anchored up at Ange de Colombier and spent a beautiful day in a more beautiful bay. We thought to have at least one lazy day before setting sail for the Azores. It wasn't all lazy however. It turned out the alternator wasn't working. After an hour or so we found the problem, a simple fuse.

I also tried to mount my new tricolor. However, when one bolt of the old one would not come off, I  decided to leave it. I didn't want to break something on the day we planned to leave. Still, working at the top of the mast, I just touched the propeller of the wind speed meter and it come off right away, completely dried out. So from now on all information on wind speed is an educated guess.

While Frits and I were checking the alternator, Arie and Eline prepared dinner, so we didn't have to cook the first night under sail.