Thursday December 8th, arrived at Scarborough and dropped the anchor!!

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Ron Noordhoek
Thu 8 Dec 2011 21:10

We didn’t make it in daylight, just.. It was one hour after sunset but with the help of the almost full moon and the coastguard vessel TTS Humming Bird stationed in the harbor, we had no problem to find a good spot to drop the anchor, actually only about 2 boat lengths away from the Humming Bird 🙂

The last 2 days we had very light winds so we motor sailed to get some decent speed. Except from Wednesday when the wind picked up and we set the gennaker, the one I got from Marc. All our calls for wind were granted at the same time and build up to 30 kts…. I was down in the saloon, plotting my sights when the boat heeled, Rutger could barely hold her. Then Marc took over the helm but he couldn’t hold her either. When I came on deck to help dropping the gennaker, it was too late, so we ripped the storm gennaker too. We could get it in though and it can easily be fixed again.

Jur was the first one to spot the contours of Tobago against the clouds. Finally, after 19 days at sea, there was land again. I put Vangelis on the stereo and we all felt a bit like Columbus and his crew. After we dropped the anchor, we launched the dinghy to get ashore and have dinner and another drink to celebrate! Stepping on the pontoon was very weird though, it didn’t move!! We all walked like we already had drunk too much. It was very hard to walk straight. The place was what you expected, lots of people, lots of cars and little ‘restaurants’ with very loud music We ended up in the Tobago version of KFC and had fried chicken and fries. That was a good starter but later we had a pizza as well. By that time, most of the hectic was over and only a few bars were still open. We had a last rum and coke and went back to the boat for a good night sleep!