Antigua, English Harbor

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Ron Noordhoek
Fri 13 Jan 2012 09:22

We arrived at Antigua early afternoon and anchored at English Harbor, thé historical site of Antigua.
The cruising guide told us that every Sunday there was a party at Shirley's Heights with a live steel band and later a reggae band so we decided to stay until Monday morning.
After dinner we went ashore for a drink and ended up in Mad Mongroose where also a live steel band was playing. They surly know how to party over here.
Saturday, that is the afternoon we went for some sightseeing and booked a zip line tour through the rain forest trees for Sunday. That was really great! You slide from one tree to the other crisscrossing a gorge at 100 meters high and then you had to cross over suspension bridges.
Shirley's Heights was indeed worth while staying a day longer. The place is at the top of the hill, overlooking English Harbor with a spectacular view. They have a barbeque and live bands that play without a break! The party ended at around 10 pm so we had a nightcap at Mad Mongroose where we met again with the Israeli guys from Dominica and Monique fell in love again with another Pedro.
Monday morning at around 10 am we left for St. Kitts. I decided not to go to Barbuda. That's a very tricky place to go because all the reefs and you have to sail there in good daylight. We weren't gonna make that, so Barbuda will stay on the list for another time.
The sail took us about 10 hrs. The wind was good and we could set the spinnaker for the first time here. Also we caught our first tuna.
St. Kitts will be our last stop before St. Martin. If it works out we'll go up the mountain and see monkeys but we also want to take a ride with the train, the only train in the whole Caribbean.