Around the Atlantic: ✔ Next stop: Circumnavigation
Ron Noordhoek
Sun 22 Jul 2012 10:16

An hour or so after when we’d moored up at Horta, Marc arrived at the airport right on time. We had dinner at Peter's. That took a while... they could have some more people working there..
Anyway, next morning we wanted to sail to Lajes on the Island of Pico. We did just after lunch when it stopped raining. We had a nice sail and, again saw some whales :-)

The marina was a bit tiny and when we moored between two other boats, the difference in size did matter. We were way too big to stay there and had to move to a pontoon just outside the marina.
Lajes is a nice but very small village. However it has some very nice restaurants and places to have a drink afterwards.
Next day we did a number of jobs on the boat like changing the broken tricolor. I spent about 4 hrs. up in the mast while Marc and Rutger did some other jobs and Eline cleaned out her cabin.

Just before dinner we booked a swimming with dolphins trip for the next morning. The dream of Eline !! So we didn't stay up too late because we had to be there before 9 am. The trip turned out to be a combined trip, swimming with dolphins and whale watching.
It was a close to perfect trip.. we did see at least 6 whales, three of them in a group and a whole pack of striped dolphins. They are really funny, they like to jump real high out of the water and wiggle their tales but they usually don't stay with the boat and were not the right group to swim with.
A bit later we found a good group and Eline and Rutger went into the water. They really enjoyed it!
Only two at the time are allowed in the water so when they came back Marc and I were getting ready to jump in.
Just before I did however, I got this jellyfish on my foot, a Portuguese Man O' War. That hurts like hell I can say now.... Holy F.. Half my foot was covered and in trying to get the shit off I got it on my hands and leg too... It's sort of a sticking mess that doesn't come off that easy. Marc was lucky, he was wearing flippers and didn't get any of the shit on his foot or leg.

The thing to do then is to pour vinegar on it but, they didn't had any on the boat. So the trip was over and we raced back to the marina. It took us 15 burning minutes to get back where there was someone waiting with vinegar. I ended up for a check in the hospital but it was all okay.
The doctor told me to just put some cream on it and take a painkiller, both of which I had on the boat. According to the doctor mine probably would be better than what they had in the hospital.

Anyway, after the painkillers kicked in we left for Horta. Willem Jelle, Monique and Jantine had arrived to join us for the sail to Scheveningen and were waiting for us



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