St. Martin, final destination in the Carribean

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Ron Noordhoek
Thu 19 Jan 2012 09:29

The sail to St. Maarten would be our last one before going home again.

It was a shitty sail, more or less like our first from Scheveningen to Harwich: a lot of wind and lots of rain, the whole day! We had to put in the second reef and I had to put on my sailing gear.

Anyway, we did make it in time for the bridge and got into the lagoon alright. This is the most sheltered place of the whole Caribbean and a good place to leave the boat until I come back. However, today I have to find out what is happening, I booked a berth at Bobby's Marina, but when I send them an e-mail to confirm my arrival date, they had never heard of me. It turned out that the woman I mailed and did the booking had left and obviously hadn't handed things over.

Anyway, the weather is okay again and the sun is shining. The wind has died and it looks like a nice and calm day to clean the boat and get it ready for the stay here. The berth for the boat turned out okay. Bobby's Mega Yacht had one spot left which obviously was not for mega yachts since I just could get in with a draft of only 6 ft (1.8 meter)!

After securing the boat we took a taxi to Sunset's where we had dinner and a cocktail. This is one of the most amazing restaurants. It's right at the start of the strip of Juliana Airport,