Miles and miles

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Ron Noordhoek
Fri 4 Feb 2022 16:47
14:36.487N 053:15.371W
Friday February 4.
It’s a bit of a boating day. No winds, no sailing, whole day motoring.
It’s a beautiful day though. After another amazing lunch made by Nicole, a pot of dolphins came by to greet us. That was fun. Obviously they liked it too, somebody them jumped out of the water. After 10 minutes or so they were done and left.

I miss my iPad. This would have been the perfect day for reading.
This morning I did a sunsight. Later Alex will do one too so after dinner we’ll have something to do.
Yesterday we were really making miles with the code 0 and the jib until the wind died. Alex, Ian and I were having another delicious diner when John decided to hoist the main to get some more speed. That surprised us a bit because we then would most likely have to steer a course way of our rumbline.
John wanted to get the main up the two of them since they would be on their own soon.
That didn’t quite go as planned. Just minutes after we heard them hoisting, Nicole came down to get us. The foot of the main had ripped from the end almost all the way to the mast. It took us an hour or so to get it furled in the boom again.
After the job was done, John told me this was the second time the main had ripped, actually starting at the same spot as it did this time.
So we now lost two sails out of four but we’re running two engines now doing just over 6 kts. With this speed it’ll be another 2,5 days to Barbados