Oeiras, Lisboa

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Ron Noordhoek
Sat 15 Oct 2011 14:36

We moored in the marina in Oeiras, about 10 Nm west of Lisboa just at the entrance of the Tejo river. Next day  Monique, Rutger and I went into the city of Lisboa.  Andy decided to stay on the boat, working for a bit. It took us about 40 min by train to get there and again it was a nice ride. Guided by Monique, our onshore navigator and a little help from the lonely planet, we did a magnificent tour that took about whole afternoon. Monique had read something about tram 28 we had to take as a starting point and that was an experience. The trams look a bit like the ones in San Francisco but then smaller. It sometimes drove so close to the buildings you definitely could not lean out of the window!! The tour we did took us to all the beautiful places. At a flea market, described as the theft market in the lonely planet.

Of course we wanted to have dinner in a fado restaurant. We had walked by a few and went back later. We obviously had no reservations and the first 2 were fully booked. We were advised to try at Pedro street and there we found this tiny restaurant that had put out all its tables on the little square and there was this woman singing fantastic!! It turned out to be a group of 4 singers and two guitarists that played very good. They were singing right in front of our table. Monique instantly fell in love with one of the men. We ended up staying the whole night, missing our train back but whatever. Taxi’s aren’t that expensive at all and we had a really great night.




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