Position 41:24.781N 27:13.193W

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Ron Noordhoek
Mon 23 Jul 2012 10:19

41:24.781N 27:13.193W

Marc and I went to the supermarket and again managed to fill 7 big trolleys with stuff. They had a great service in bringing the stuff right away in a small van. We managed to stow everything in a reasonable place sort of...

We had a nice farewell dinner at Internacional and after finishing our painting for good winds and a safe trip we set sail at around 10.30 pm.

It was a real nice and smooth start, sailing to Sao Jorge and after that into the Atlantic.

The day after we left the wind picked up and it became more of a challenge to steer the boat on a straight course. Sailing downwind with 4 to 5 meter waves is not particularly the easiest course to get used to the boat. So Marc and I did the most part of steering until the next day.  Then the wind had dropped and on a beam reach it was a bit more comfortable. Speed was great though and after the wind veered to the East were could sail a course pointing straight to Scheveningen. But if there's one thing for sure at these latitudes... it never stays the same for longer times .

One moment we sailed with all full sails, including the staysail and some time later we were sailing double reefed. Still, that's good practice for the new crew getting to know the boat and the rigging of all the lines :-)

So far everything is okay and we are starting to pick up the routine of doing watches, cooking and cleaning. and, most important we all enjoy it very much.




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