Position 35°38.483N; 37°27.002W

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Ron Noordhoek
Tue 12 Jun 2012 09:49

35:38.483N 37:27.002W

Since yesterday we have real great winds. We're sort of sailing on the edge of a high that gives us a 15 kts on a beam reach. With all sails set, we're doing over 8 kts for hours, heading straight to Horta.

With only 700 Nm to go, the chart plotter already gives us an ETA, estimated time of arrival, of about 96 hrs. Providing of course that the wind stays like this.

Every day we're looking for a reason to celebrate. Today is father’s day, what more do we need.
Eline made us all a nice tie: for the dearest father of the whole ocean! She also backed a raisin bread, for sure the best bread she made, delicious !!

Today we crossed a time line again and gained another hour. Officially that is.... I was supposed to cook dinner tonight but woke up late from my afternoon nap, so I decided to stick to the time zone and adjust the clock tomorrow. So, I was still on time and we didn't have to change the watch times. Captains privilege, Ha.

Last night we had the best night so far star wise. The sky was completely clear and bright. There were so many stars, you could hardly find the ones you know, amazing!!

After breakfast we changed the sails. The night before we put in the first reef and furled in the staysail, still doing over 6 kts. We took out the reef, set the staysail again and changed the genoa for the gennaker. For some reason the gennaker didn't hold, it wasn't the wind really. Anyway, we ripped it and an hour later we were back to the sail plan we started with... Well I guess shit happens and so far we're very lucky weatherwise, so it's not a big deal and easy to fix.

Tomorrow we're gonna celebrate Eline's birthday :-) and of course I'll give her a call over the sat phone :-)


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