Thursday December 21st, Birthday at Union Island

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Ron Noordhoek
Wed 21 Dec 2011 21:23

We left True Blue Bay for Carriacou in the afternoon after picking up the new windlass and checking out with the authorities. It was supposed to be a 6 or so hr. sail but it took us all night to sail upwind in a force 6-7.
When we got into Tyrell bay it was already light. It had been a bumpy ride but a good ride but so much better than the North Sea in these conditions.
We stayed over for the night and got some sleep. Early next morning, on Rutger’s birthday, we left Tyrell Bay for Union Island. We had quite a lot of wind, about 30 kts, and it too was upwind all the way. Still it was a great sail! The plan was to check in with customs and immigration and sail on to Tobago Cays.


By the time we arrived at Clifton, Union Island, it was about 1 pm so we decided to stay for the night and go on next morning. At Union Island we also could go out for dinner and go to a bar to celebrate Rutger’s birthday.
We found a berth at the yacht club, that was nice because the wind and the swell had picked up more so we could get ashore without getting wet.
After having lunch and getting cleared with customs and stuff we did some shopping. Rutger bought me a nice T-shirt…. ‘born for sailing…. forced to work’
We had dinner at a restaurant with a live steel band. At first it sounded like they were playing for the first time, but that was the way they started any new song. Then they started to play for real and very good too!
Of course they also played ‘happy birthday’ for Rutger. That was really great! Happy birthday in a steel band variation … that sounds much more happy!
Later on we went over to a bar and had a couple of drinks until they closed up at around 1 pm.
I guess Rutger will never forget his 21st birthday.
Next morning we installed the new windlass and did some other jobs on the boat. Tomorrow we’ll leave for the Cays and stay there for the night. That is, if the anchor will hold…. the wind has picked up a bit more and although we’ll be sheltered by the reef, that will only go for the swell, not for the wind.
We’ll leave without Kitty, she decided to disembark and fly home from Union Island.