18°00.742N/29°06.394W, one third

Around the Atlantic: ✔ Next stop: Circumnavigation
Ron Noordhoek
Fri 25 Nov 2011 21:05

18:00.742N 29:06.394W,


Today we hit the 900 Nm meaning we have covered about one third of the distance to Tobago. In 3 days or so, we’ll have our midway party. Jur has already definitely won the beard competition. I had a shave this morning. Marc and Rutger are still in the competition but Marc should better quit and have a shave too, it’s not making him prettier.

All the maneuverings with the gennaker and poling in and out the gennoa are going very smooth by now. At sunset the ‘Elandsgracht’, a Dutch coaster crossed us. She was giving way but passed us close by to call us over the radio. I didn’t get the message at first but when I asked to repeat it, they told us there were 6 ARC yachts ahead of us and they wished us a safe trip. Nice!

Just before dinner we took a sighting could of Jupiter, Wega, Denheb, Polaris and Capella, .. our first planet and star sight. It’s good I brought the book on how to do star calculations. The pro forma sheets we have showed different calculations and we couldn’t figure it out without the book. Tonight we had our last dinner with fresh lettuce and meat. The mince and the chicken had gone off and we had to dump it. The burgers were still okay but won’t last too long either. So, as of tomorrow we’ll be on tinned meat and hopefully fresh fish.


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