26°20.540 N/21°11.360 W, second day at sea

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Ron Noordhoek
Mon 21 Nov 2011 21:01

26:20.540 N 21:11.360 W


It’s our second day at sea and are having a great time! The weather is nice, warm and sunny. The wind is about 15 to 20 kts which gives a very gentle breeze if you sail downwind. Life on board is starting to get into a rhythm. We do 4 hr. watches from 7 pm to 7 am having 2 of us on deck all time. During the day you can do what you like, steer, sleep, read or whatever else like tweaking the sails or practice with the sextant. We’re hand steering all the time. It’s fun surfing downwind! It makes you feel one with the boat, the wind and the waves. That’s what sailing is all about, that’s what sailing makes it so very special. The only time we use the autopilot is when run the engine to charge the batteries while we’re having diner. Every day after lunch we do a boat check and a daily cleaning of the galley, heads and cockpit.

We cook in turns and the one who’s cooking also does the dishes so whatever mess you make, you clean it yourself. To prevent dehydration we all have our own water bottle that we have to drink each day. So far everything works okay although the windex decided to go his own way. Most of the time it gives a random direction. Instead we now sail on the wind vane at the top of the mast.

It’s really nice and peaceful and we very much enjoy the sailing. The motion, the sound of the water and the boat. Last night we saw another yacht going the same direction (of course), and a freighter that was going East. Apart from an occasional boat, we only see dolphins, not that many so far, but it is always fun to see them. In a week or so we’ll have to try and catch some fish. By then the fresh meat will have run out or gotten off. Well, we’ll see, we have plenty of other food.




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