Lymington, refit at Berthon's

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Ron Noordhoek
Mon 20 Jul 2020 08:55


50:45.502N,  001:32.102W



Arrived at Berthon’s Lymington. Here we'll stay for a week or so to get the new standing rigging and some more items done

Aimee is disembarking here and Clare decided to go over and visit her parents while Marc and I will stay on the boat while the refit of the rigging is carried out.


The refit took ‘a bit’ longer…  Then again, it turned out that one the compressor of the freezer wasn’t just not functioning too well… it had died completely. Also the boiler was leaking and had to be replaced. The servicing of the engine and the generator was already in the plan as also new antifouling. Marc also decided to have a sat phone and a new WiFi system installed