St. Kitts, Basseterre marina

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Ron Noordhoek
Tue 17 Jan 2012 09:26

We didn't get to do much at St Kitts. The weather wasn't too good, lots of rain.

Also there were 3 huge cruise ships at least as many tourists as inhabitants of the island, so the train was fully booked and we didn't want to do a tour with a crowd. The train tickets would have been a cause for second thought also, $ 115 US per ticket is a bit more then I'm used to.

So instead we took a taxi to the reggae beach bar at the South of the Island. The drive to there was kind of a tour itself and the driver stopped a few times to let us take pictures at the point where you can see the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic only a mile apart and to explain some things about the Island.

The beach bar was nice but about to close when we got there. If we ordered immediately, we still could eat there, it wasn't even 6 pm.. The food was good but right after we finished, she brought us the bill and they closed the place. We walked over to the Spice Mill, another restaurant and had a drink there. We should have gone there in the first place. this was a really nice restaurant, but also closed at 10 pm.

Anyway, it wasn't too bad to get back to the boat early because next morning we had to get up at 05:30. The sail to St Maarten is about 50 nm and the bridge to get into the lagoon only opens 3 times a day. We wanted to catch the bridge of 5:30 pm and not miss it!