July 16th , Porta de Santo Antonio, Terceira, Azores

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Ron Noordhoek
Mon 16 Jul 2012 10:07


Last night we arrived at Terceira after a superb day of sailing. Great weather, gentle breeze, no swell. We sailed close hauled for the first part to the east end of Sao Jorge and then beam reach to Terceire. Of course we got the gennaker out as well :-)

We arrived at around 9 pm and were welcomed by the marina staff that helped us getting in a berth.
They are all so very friendly here!!

The day before leaving Sao Jorge we did a great hike. There are a lot of trails set out and the one we did was from the mountain down to the North coast. The view was amazing and half the Island is covered by Hortensias. We crossed some streams and went down to a beautiful waterfall. It took us about 4 hrs. to walk to the place where the taxi picked us up again.

Then the driver told us about the bull fighting that they had in the other village and he drove us there. They have bull fights all the time, every Sunday at least. It's not really a fight and they don't kill the bull. They let a bull out and the 'brave ones' tease him until he charges and they run away..
The bull is tied onto a rope that's hold by a bunch of guys to keep some control. Anyway this time the arena was the parking lot. The bull had no grip at all on the concrete and slipped the whole time. That made it a pathetic spectacle and especially Eline got very upset and angry. I didn't like it either, so we left pretty quick again.

Normally, like here in Terceira, they do this on in field or in the streets. Every time you here a canon, it means a bull is out in the streets and here that's pretty much the whole time, even at 8 am this morning :-o

Anyway, today we'll explore the village a bit and check on what we want to do tomorrow.



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