Sun is out

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Ron Noordhoek
Tue 25 Jan 2022 13:10
16:11.3N 023:36.0W
Tuesday January 25
This morning the sun actually came out. It was cloudy from the day we set off.
When I came on watch John wanted to deploy the spinaker. We’ve been motoring all night. The winds was just under 8 kts and going downwind the sails wouldn’t stay full.
When had daylight we wanted to try the spinaker. It took a while to figure out the best trim but we got it working great!
The wind helped by picking up just a little bit and now we’re doing 5 kts over ground and we’re sailing :-)

The night before was a bit different. When I came on watch at 9 pm, UTC that is, it was blowing around 25 kts. It kept picking up. So when Alex came on deck it was over 30 kts.
I already put in the second reef in the genoa. With the 3rd reef in the main, we were flying.

Alex made up a watch system of 3 hrs for the 4 of us. Mine is from 9 to 12 am and 9 to 12 pm. But we stay on UTC all the time, so going west it changes over time. My watch is actually from 7 to 10 now local time. It’s another schedule then I’m used to but I realize like it.

Now the sun is there we can take sightings too -:) Alex brought his sextant and downloaded the relevant pages from the almanacs. That’ll be fun! I really like to get the hang of it again. I’m afraid I’m a bit rusty on that one

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