Basil Panakis
Mon 17 Jul 2017 18:48

50:39.5 N 1:36.1 W

I got stuck in Lyme Bay with no wind. It has happened many a times before but this time I was going to sit it out. Went up and down with the tide a few times. Did an hour under engine just to keep in place. It was a bit of a waste. I thought of going into Plymouth, 23 odd miles away, out of my way. Eventually I gained a bit and the wind picked up and sent me on my way. 

I put the kitchen timer on the pillow next to my head but failed to wake up. We had passed Portland Bill, the sail were set on fine reach, the wind backed and picked up and we were going straight for the shore...we were a long way up set the boat for a run and started streaming along. Quite a few sailing boats around by daybreak. Thought of going to Poole, it will only delay matters again, carried on. Managed to figure out when high water and the change of the tidal streams were to happen. I had no 2017 tide details on board. High water in Southampton was 1500 hours or thereabouts so if I hit the Needles by noon I would have the tide with me going up. Nicely timed.

When I arrived outside Yarmouth I thought now I should relax and enjoy my sailing. Could not really go down and prepare a meal, so I resorted to sneakers, cream crackers and Fanta. This joyful  sailing did not last long as the tide turned and I was forced to put the engine on.

Arrived at Itchen Marine about 1800 hours, there was a stinker in the refuelling berth, so I moored behind him, called Jackie on the satellite phone and asked her to pick me up at 1930 hours. This way I had access to the shore, as my dinghy is at NCSC which I have to collect soon. Came home had a shower and a meal and went to bed. In the morning I collected a number of bulky items from the boat and loaded them in the car. 

Then I moved the boat mid river tidied up a number of things, mainsail cover, self-steering cover, life-raft moved down below etc. I had made arrangements with a gin palace guy to pick me up at 1130 hours if I had not managed to return ashore before then. The Harbour Master went by and he was to take me but my yale lock was playing up. So he left to carry on with his patrol. When I sorted out the lock (WD40) and locked up a rib was going by and I called them for a lift. They were going to Cowes for lunch.