Basil Panakis
Wed 29 Jun 2016 08:37
My calls to Harbour Master and Pilots were unanswered. I was in total blackness, I had my AIS and RTE on and was becalmed 6 miles from the port. I rolled the genoa turned the boat around to face away from the island and went down below for shut eyes. Put the alarm for half an hour on my chest. Woke up four hours later. Apparently Len in UK picked the AIS signal and emailed Roger...they were looking but I had no lights!!!
So the 6 became 8 miles and I set sail again by the approach I lost the wind and started drifting. I called the Harbour Master and Doug replied who alerted Roger to come and pick me up. Doug, Denis and Roger came dashing out in Ella Trout III, the wind picked up and managed to cross the line. Then towed in to the marina.
I was number seven, the majority had returned back after or before the first gale. I was most surprised. There were some bigger and very sea worthy boats out there.
On Friday, Roger, Denis, Julien left for home and Qui Qui left for the Canaries. Glen with Nancy were staying at a B&B, the yacht being out for repairs.
On Saturday Olaf took me and Klaus out for a drive in his car, including a visit to his newly acquired ruins to be converted to a new house. Probably will take couple of years.
Organised for a car electrician to come and fix my non started engine. Either to change the ignition barrel or make the start with a switch and a button as John Apps had done in the past. Also install a new starter battery. Apparently he came earlier waited for a while and left, then I waited for over an hour and a half at the correct arranged time. I was having a beer with Olaf and Klaus that’s how I miss him.
During the Sunday night I woke up in bright lights. All the cabin lights came on. I got up switched the instruments and all worked. At that forsaken hour I did not want to start the engine so I waited till the morning and the engine started as if nothing untoward had happened before.