Praia 2

Basil Panakis
Wed 29 Jun 2016 09:45
Went to check with the Electrician and new arrangements made. He found too much water, too many wires and some loose wires in the engine compartment’s blocks. He knew which were the alternator wires at once. He cut part of the block and made temp connections. Next evening, after work, came back with a new block which he rewired afresh. Also came along with a watertight box with switches so that I choose to charge either the main battery or the 3rd battery. Everything worked fine . Made arrangements for an easy start can for Tim and a bracket for my cassette player. So far it cost only 35 Euro, plus the battery 80 euro, and a self amalgamating tape 12.50 euro. He did turn up with the can the next evening but not the bracket. He said tomorrow as he had to get the aluminium. Never came. I left on Saturday morning.
I wanted some netting but at 8.18 Euro a meter, double of UK chandlery price. Nav light replacement was a bit of a disaster. Too small and too weak. They do not know of LED,so no luck with the tricolor.
Godot arrived wet, Olivier shaved his beard, had a haircut by a French lady in the marina, a new man. He had hallucinations too.
Tim arrived as I was returning to the marina so gave him a hand. I gave to both a welcoming beer. Tim was a great company. Great sense of humour.
Other than Nancy there was another American lady skipper, Judith. Who drove me down to Angra and the chandlery store and I took the bus back.