Basil Panakis
Thu 18 May 2017 16:15
34:34 N  43:04 W  Wind W 5-7 struggling since we gybed this morning in the rain, and then the wind dropped. 
ANAIS set the AIS alarm on Tue, at 2000 hours. When our CPA was 5.2 NM I called on the ship’s radio and asked for a weather report. For the next 24 hours SW 6. This confirmed Len’s 20+. The cold front arrived with the rain at 14.15 and it was all over by 16.30 yesterday. But what a sting, 28 kt I noticed but the ferocity was unbelievable. Even the size of a napkin as a headsail was too much. The forestay was behaving like a snake’'. No G at all then. Managed with the main alone.